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Welcome to the Carnarvon Christian School                                    "Walk as children of light", Ephesians 5:8b

Member of Christian Parent Controlled Schools (CPCS)


What do we represent?

When we think about the future for our children and what we wish and want for them, we are faced with the need to make decisions: what education is best for them, which influences, which values will they be offered and eventually adopt?

At Carnarvon Christian School our aim is to provide an education that encourages students to develop all their individual talents, to learn to treat each other with respect and dignity, and to teach all aspects of the curriculum in the light of God's Word.

Our approach encourages parents to be actively involved in the school's program and to participate in their child's education.

But education alone will not provide us with the wisdom we need to make right choices in a rapidly changing world. We recognize that God is the source of all wisdom, and we are therefore committed to a high standard of education that is based on the values we know can weather the storms of life.
Our school is a member of Christian Parent Controlled Schools (CPCS); there are now over 16,000 children educated in more than 85 Christian Schools affiliated with CPCS throughout Australia.


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