Aus-Plants Cultivation Information

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 Listing is by Botanical Names or Plant Group
(Eg :Bromeliads).

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Alocasia bulblets Alocasia chaii and Alocasia nebula and Alocasia reginula
Jewel Alocasia
Alocasia cv Stingray
Alpinia purpurata Tahitian Double and Alpinia purpurata Eileen McDonald
Alpinia cv 'Snake Ginger' Amorphophallus tuber
Corpse Flower
Amorphophallus seed Amorphophallus titanum tuber
Anchomanes seed Anthurium Plant Aspidistra elatior variegata
Cast Iron Plant
Aspidistra yingjiangensis
Cast Iron Plant
Bauhinia kockiana Beaumontia grandiflora
Herald's Trumpet
Bromeliad Plants
Bromeliad Seed Brownea plant
Handkerchief plant
Bunchosia plant
Peanut Butter Fruit
Burbidgea plant
Burbidgea seed Caladium lindenii
Angels Wings
Calathea crotalifera seed Calathea plant
Cananga odorata and Cananga fruticosa Plant
Ylang Ylang
Cinnamomum zeylanicum
Cinnamon plant
Clerodendrum incisum
Music Note Plant
Cola nitida
Cola nut tree
Couroupita guianensis tree
Canonball Tree
Cryptanthus pup
Earth Star
Cydista aequinoctialis
Garlic Vine
Cyrtosperma seed
Cyrtostachys renda
Lipstick Palm
Dichorisandra Plant
Blue Ginger
Diospyros blancoi seed
Mabolo or Cheese Fruit seed
Diospyros blancoi plant
Mabolo or Cheese Fruit
Dracontium Tuber Offsets Dracontium plant Elettaria cardamomum
Cardamom plant
Etlingera Rhizome
Etlingera  seed  Eucharis grandifolia
Eucharis lily - Amazon Lily
Euclinia longiflora
Tree Gardenia 
Euodia hortensis
Aphrodisiac Plant
Garcinia livingstonei
African Mangsteen
Gardenia tubifera
Golden Gardenia
Gmelina philippensis
Parrot's Beak
Gnetum gnemon
Meninjau or Tulip tree
Hapaline Brownii
Hedychium longicornutum
Epiphytic Ginger
Heliconia Seed   
Heliconia Plant Hedychium hasseltii seed  Hibiscus insularis
Phillip Island Hibiscus
Hoffmannia Plant
Homalomena plant. Impatiens Giant Kopsia fruticosa
Giant Vinca
Handkerchief Tree
Medinilla dolichophylla plant Medinilla scortechinii Medinilla speciosa Medinilla sp.
Climbing Medinilla
Medinilla succulenta Monstera deliciosa variegated Mucuna benettii seed
Red Flame of the Forest seed
Nematanthus plant
Nepenthes Seed Nepenthes Plant Osmoxylon lineare Pavonia species
Petrea volubilis
Queen's Wreath
Phaleria clerodendron seed
Scented Daphne
Phyllanthus acidus
Star gooseberry, Chermoi 
Phyllododium pulchellum seed
Philodendron melanochrysum Piper nigrum
Pepper Vine
Piper Ornatum Pitcairnia sanguinea
Pleuranthodium sp      
Pseudodracontium sp
Voodoo Lily
Randia formosa seed
Blackberry Jam Fruit 
Randia  Plant
R. formosa and R.ruiziana
Rhaphidophera cryptantha
Rhapis palm
Lady Palm
Riedelia species Rothmannia longiflora plant Ruellia species
Rungia klossii
Mushroom plant
Saraca Plant
Yellow Saraca or Handkerchief Tree
Scindapsus vine
Devils Ivy
Scuttelaria costaricana
Siderasis fuscata Solanum mammosum seed
Nipple fruit or Titty Fruit
Strongylodon macrobotrys
Blue Jade Vine
Strophanthus preussii
Corkscrew flower
Synsepalum dulcificum plant
Miracle Fruit Plant
Synsepalum dulcificum seed
Miracle Fruit Seed
Syzygium aromaticum plant
Clove Tree
Tacca  Seed
Bat Plant seed
Tacca leontopetaloides
'Hawaiian From'
Tacca sp 'Madagascar
Madagascan Bat Plant
Tacca Plant
Bat Plant
Tacca plantiginea
Dwarf Tacca
Tapeinochilos seed Tapeinochilos Plant
Backscratcher Ginger
Tecomanthe vine
Thunbergia mysorensis
Lady Slipper Vine
Theobroma cacao plant Theobroma cacao seeds
Cocoa seeds
Tillandsia Plant
Air Plant
Tillandsia seed
Air Plant Seed
Typhonium Tuber Uvaria purpurea Vanilla planifolia plant
Vanilla orchid
Zingiber macrodenium seed
Chocolate Beehive Ginger
Zingiber malaysianum
Midnight ginger
Zingiber spectabile seed
Specabilis ginger or Beehive ginger