Comet McNaught (C/2006 P1) Posters 

The following six posters by Robert H. McNaught (discoverer of the comet) are printed on A1, 170gsm glossy paper.
Purchase details appear at the  bottom  of this page.
The images, without border and text, are also available as  high quality archival prints .


NOTE: These images are copyright and must not be reproduced on another web page.

Poster : Comet McNaught Jan 19, 10:22UT


Poster : Comet McNaught over the Warrumbungles Jan 20, 10:26UT


Poster : Comet McNaught over the Warrumbungles Jan 20, 10:46UT


Poster : Comet McNaught over the Warrumbungles Jan 25, 10:26UT

Note: this poster has a dark blue background.


Poster : Comet McNaught Jan 26, 10:27UT

Note: the dome on the right, the Uppsala Southern Schmidt, was the discovery telescope of comet McNaught.


Poster : Comet McNaught in moonlight Jan 26, 10:51UT


Prices (Australian $, AUD) 

The posters are available in the following forms:

Unlaminated poster


Laminated poster
Personalised laminated poster


All posters are signed in silver coloured ink in the bottom right hand corner of the image.

Personalised posters include a message (e.g. "To John Smith, Happy Birthday 2009, Robert H. McNaught",
 "To the Smith Family, Best wishes, Robert H. McNaught") again in silver ink.
This is written to the right of the poster title below the picture in the bottom right hand corner.
Personalised posters can be laminated or unlaminated although there is an extra charge (indicated in the price list above) for laminating personalised messages to cover failures in the laminating process.
I am afraid that due to my linguistic limitations I would require any message to be in English.

Postage and Packing

All posters are sent in a sturdy 90mm diameter cardboard tube.
High quality prints are sent in a tough bag protected by heavy card.
Overseas orders are sent by airmail.


1-2 posters, all states $9

3+ posters
NSW $11
Vic $13
Qld $14
Tas $16
SA $14
WA $17
NT $18

New Zealand
1-2 posters $14
3+ posters $20
U.S.A./Canada/Middle East
1-2 posters $18
3+ posters $29
1-2 posters $16
3+ posters $24
Rest of the World
1-2 posters $21
3+ posters $34


Payment is in Australian dollars and may be by Australian cheque, Australia Post Office Money Order, direct deposit or PayPal.
To pay by PayPal, you do not need to be a PayPal member and PayPal accepts major credit cards.

Email me at the address below to arrange the payment method and for a pro forma invoice:

Posters are sent on receipt of payment.

Robert H. McNaught