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Welcome to this non-commercial Buteyko home page, created by a number of former asthmatics who have all experienced the immediate and dramatic beneficial effects of Professor Buteyko's therapy for asthma.

The science, history and comprehensive discussions of every other aspect of Buteyko's method for reversing asthma, CFS and other chronic hyperventilation disorders, are presented on this site.

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Explanations for doctors and medical scientists

Clinical Trials

  • Russian Clinical Trial
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    Direct Access to article through copyright protected (NZMA) link. (Link to remote site)
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    This is a strictly non-commercial web site that was initially set up to address the lack of information on Buteyko therapy. Today there are many new Buteyko sites on the net, as well as books, DIY/self help kits and videos. We will continue to provide commercial free information.

    What is Buteyko therapy?

    Buteyko therapy is named after Ukrainian medical doctor and research scientist, Professor Konstantin Buteyko. It was developed as a logical treatment for reversing Chronic Hyperventilation Disorders.

    Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome (CHVS) has been researched, discussed and well documented in the medical literature for the entirety of the 20th Century. Although many outstanding reports have been written on this condition, and although it is very common, it is consistently ignored by western medicine.

    Professor Buteyko's major contribution has been to recognize that there are many organic diseases like asthma that are caused by breathing too much. In The History of Buteyko: The Man and His Discovery we can trace the struggle he had to get his theory accepted in Russia. We understand that since 1985 Buteyko therapy has been the standard treatment for asthma and many of the other hyperventilation related disorders in Russia.

    Buteyko's Theory.

    In his 20 page paper entitled The Biochemical Basis of K.P.Buteyko's Theory of the Diseases of Deep Respiration (70 Kb), Kazarinov explains the biochemistry behind chronic hyperventilation disorders. The work is summarised in an easy-to-understand four-page document entitled The Theoretical Understanding Behind the Buteyko Technique.

    Buteyko's hyperventilation theory on asthma is based on sound physiology. Unlike our classical theory, it is not full of holes and it elegantly explains all those enigmas and contradictions that continue to confound classical western medicine. I have decided to contribute a small section to this debate myself, by including some observations on The Consistency of Buteyko's Theory. This discusses how our observations of asthma are entirely congruent with Buteyko's theory, whereas the classical theory is poorly developed and full of inconsistencies.

    But does it work?

    Those of us who have contributed to this home page have done so because we have all turned around from being sceptics to being firmly convinced by Buteyko. My son never touched Ventolin again after his first therapy class. Over the last seven years he has had no more symptoms, has not had to do any more exercises and has taken no more medication. It is clear from reading some independent Newspaper Articles we have collected, that my son is not alone in his experience. All the Contributors to this home page will attest to the effectiveness of the Buteyko therapy.

    So, if the Buteyko therapy is so blatantly effective, why has it not been incorporated into standard medical practice? Well, as far as we understand, it has, in Russia. On a separate page we have tried to examine why the doctors are stone-walling Buteyko therapy in the west.

    How do I learn to breathe less?

    Buteyko therapy consists essentially of breath-reduction exercises that are aimed at reversing chronic hyperventilation. Everyone who has attended a Buteyko class agrees on the value of professional tuition. The DIY approach is not recommended unless you really don't have access to a practitioner. Buteyko practitioners give you a money-back guarantee, the terms of which are fully disclosed before you commit yourself. This is remarkable in itself, given that the successful outcome depends 100% on patient compliance. They generally also give free follow-up classes should you want them. As far as we know, Buteyko classes are now held in Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, USA, Canada, Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom. But there are still millions of asthmatics who don't have access to Buteyko therapists, and who won't have in their life-times. Several of us have written reports on our experiences in Buteyko classes. You can have a look at some of these to get started.

    You will also find a review of commercial "DIY/Self-Help" videos, tapes and books in our DIY/Self-Help section. You may also wish to join a support group mailing list .

    We welcome comments, queries to our FAQs and particularly people who have a story to tell about their own experiences with Buteyko. We would, with your permission, like to add your stories to our Personal Accounts Section.

    Peter KolbBSc(Eng),MSc(Med)
    Mark Reardon

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