"I know absolutely nothing"!
"I knew absolutely nothing not to long ago"!

G'Day Beginner Programmers,
Not too long ago, I was where you are now.  I knew next to nothing about computer programming, or as it is better known by the
enlightened ones,

I am still, not too far ahead of you on this journey.
I know enough to get you programming and enjoying it.

What I will teach you is correct, but is not the whole story of what you can actually do
with a particular piece of Python 3 code.
I will get you coding using a STRING Format, move on to something else, then come back
to Strings later and show you other wonders you can do with Strings.
I know enough to get you coding and be as dangerous as I am.

But, the number one rule is HAVE  FUN learning.

Your very first lesson, day Zero, you are going to write your very first computer code.
YOU are going to write computer code, so your name appears on the screen.


Yes it is, because right now, from the start, you will learn something that is going to save you a whole lot of programming anger and frustration.
Believe me, you are going to have a lot of this in the beginning, well at least I did.  Several times I had to cross the room to go and fetch my mouse from where ever it had landed.


In days of yore, when you coded, you commanded the computer to do something.
print ("Hello World")
This was called a Print Command.
"Computer,,, print this to the screen".
 Python calls these commands, FUNCTIONS.
So, from now on, we will call commands,,,, Functions.

"Why did Python change the name"?
Don't know.
But as we are learning Python and not any other language, we will speak Python.


the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language.
"the syntax of English"

the structure of statements in a computer language

What does syntax mean in Python?

The syntax of the Python programming language is the set of rules that defines how a Python program will be written and interpreted (by both by your computer and by human readers)


Computer code, expects / DEMANDS that it be written in a very specific way.
If you get it WRONG you will be given an
ERROR message.
Until you fix (DE BUG) your code, the code will not  work (won't run)
So not only must you FORMAT your code a certain way,
The Syntax must be correct as well.



So, what do I mean by this?
When you write computer CODE, it is in a format that us mere mortals can understand.
When you RUN your Code, An Interpreter (computer software) takes your code and turns it into Zeros and Ones, the language of Computers.  This is known as Machine code.
the Interpreter that reads your code, that  you have written, expects and DEMANDS, you write the code a certain way, in a certain FORMAT with very specific SYNTAX.   Anything the Interpreter does not like, for any reason, you will be presented with an ERROR Message.
If your code won't run, you have not formatted something correctly,
or the SYNTAX is not the way the Interpreter expects it to be done.

Writing computer code, is not a democratic exercise, it is a Dictatorship.
"You will do  it my way, or I won't run your code"!!!
 Any computer programming language DEMANDS to be written in a certain way.
You don't have to, but the code you write WILL  NOT  RUN,  WILL  NOT  WORK, until you obey.

If you CODE something and your code will not run,
not Python 3.
You have typed A Python 3 function/command, or a key word (instruction) wrong.
You have typed something that Python  does not understand and can not process what you have typed.

!!!!!  IT  DOES  NOT  COMPUTE  !!!!!

Python, and every other computer language, DEMANDS you type the CODE  INSTRUCTION / FUNCTION  exactly correct.

Take the simplest one line of computer code you can write.
The Python interpreter demands the PRINT  FUNCTION  be Formatted (written) in a certain way,
Print "Hello World"  
PRINT "Hello World"  
 print "Hello World"  
 print ["Hello World"] 
 print {"Hello World"}  
  print (Hello World)  
  print ("Hello World)  
  print ("Hello World')  
  print ("Hello World")
 print ('Hello World')  
 print("Hello World")  

You are looking at the above and thinking,

No it isn't, once you know the rules of the game.
I will explain the rules every step of the way and as we go along.  At least the rules I know of.
I know you are desperately wanting to get CODING, but first, a few more things you need to know.
 So, lets us begin Grass Hopper