They look like mints, but add water and they reveal a hygienic, biodegradable, chemical and lint free, multi-purpose cotton cloth!


Ekko™ Magic Wipes

What a great little product!

So handy to keep nearby in case you need it..

"And what do I need it for?" you ask


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don't want to hear it? then take my word for it..


personally, I use ekkos all the time.. I find it handy for dusting                       and cleaning finger prints off the TV

I use them to keep the kiddies cool on a hot, hot day

I use them for ALL nappy changes - I feel safe knowing there are no  dangerous chemicals being absorbed into my kids' little bodies

Nappy changes: simply use the nappy to get all the mess off, roll out your ekko so it is the shape of a bandage, and wipe, fold the ekko and use the other side. It's only the REALLY bad nappies that might need 2 ekkos, but almost all the time I only use one.

I like to keep an ekko in a little dish in the toilet and somewhere in the house, I pour a couple of drops of lavender oil (can use your favourite fragrance) and leave it to gently waft around and fill the air with lovely scent - no need for chemicals being sprayed through the air and less junk filling up landfill!

a lot of people have taken them away camping, travelling, and to places like Bali - it can be especially useful for keeping cool or for cleaning your hands when there is no water source

I keep them handy in the car for unexpected messes, also to keep the windscreen clean, and for keeping the interior of the car clean


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