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Irish Jokes An Alternative Web Site

The next time you want to tell an Irish joke tell one that reflects the humour and nature of Irish people. Forget the " How many Irish electricians " type of joke. These jokes are easily changed to ridicule any ethnic group. On this site I want to present alternatives to " Insulting Irish Jokes ". I have presented pages of jokes that   reflect the humour and nature of the Irish. I also wish to present some success stories about Irish people in all walks of life.  Literature,   Actors,  Music, History,  Politics, Travel and more are presented on this site.  If you have any information that you would like presented Email me at:


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Irish Jokes of the humorous and witty kind only allowed, no gobshite jokes.
Ireland for Dummies A Beginners Guide. Quote anything from this article in Ireland and you're on your own...
Acting   Information & links to Irish actors , film and television sites.
Ancient Irish Monuments    Information on Passage Graves, Dolmen, Crannogs, High Crosses, Stone Circles, Tara,  Newgrange , Knowth, how to get there etc.
Army and the UN   Eire has along and proud history with the UN, some info and pictures.
Australian/Irish Sites   25% of the Australian population can claim decadency from Irish stock, here are some of them
Beer Mats.   Some scanned Irish beer mats or drink coasters as the toffs call them.
Celtic Mythology    If Gods and Heroes tickle your fancy, then here you can mix it with the Faeries.
Dublin 2004 An Olympic Bid    It must have been written for Dub's by a Dub !
Easter Rising 1916 ... An account by Constantine Fitzgibbon.  Links to other 1916 sites & the Proclamation
Educational Sites Universities, Colleges and Schools, the cause of the country's brain drain.
Euro Speak  A German/English initiative for a common European language. Not related but too good to miss
Famous Irish Men & Women     Soldiers, politicians, Scientists, Inventors at home and abroad, who have changed history
Food, a simple affair  From fried bread to Guinness beef stew, take a visit to Kirwilli's Kitchen.
Government Sites   Defence, health, law, medical, statistics, the President, foreign affairs, local councils, etc.

Growing Up In Dublin "Baile Atha Cliath"  My memories of the games and activities we got up to before television took over .   Have you ever boxed the fox, scutted, caught pinkers, played beds or kit-e-kat ?.  

History  No country has a more passionate, dark or sad past, educate yourself before you condemn.
Literature   Famous for  Poets, Playwrights and Authors, links to literature past & present.
003.gif (5565 bytes)   An Irish Medical  Dictionary  It's the way we say em
Mission Impossible  but the Irish did it! Pay a visit it's worth a look
Music  As the Waltons programme used to say  "If you do feel like singing do sing an Irish  song"
Newspapers & On Line Radio     What it says in the Papers and On Line Radio Stations from the Suburbs, Town's, City's and Counties of Ireland.
Pubs  Fancy a pint of the black stuff  or the other black stuff or the other black stuff and a pack of Tayto?   Check here for the snug of your fancy.
Sayings  The language and sayings of Dubliners, old and new.
Songs of the traditional kind     You've heard  hummed and whistled them, now sing them.
Shopping on-line   Fancy a piece of Celtic Jewellery or  Linen, the links are here.
36 Things You never knew about DublinTall tales and true from the street where Molly Malone roamed.
A Scottish Tale A complimentary look at our Scottish neighbours at the expense of our English ones
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003.gif (5565 bytes) Mayo Memorial Peace Park   This website is dedicated to honour the memory of all those from Mayo, who served and died in all wars worldwide and conflicts of the past century, with the Allied and Commonwealth Forces, a forgotten generation who were written out of local history until recent times. We remember those who served or died in all wars worldwide and it especially remembers all those Mayo born Irish Army soldiers who served and died on UN operations.

The President of Ireland Mrs Mary McAleese performed the official opening of the Mayo Peace Park, Garden of Remembrance in Castlebar , County Mayo, at 2pm, on Tuesday the 7th of October 2008.

Mini Blog from Website Mini Bytes is your guide to the Weird Wide Web. Every week, we bring you the best bits from the ever expanding global digital village that is the internet. You can hear Website Mini Bytes on air, read Mini Bytes in local press or get weekly updates and podcasts right here on the Website MiniBlog.
 Ireland Fun Facts Ireland Fun Facts puts tons of interesting facts about Ireland at your fingertips. This site is designed to serve you whether you’re planning a first visit to Ireland or you’ve already built a deeper connection to the country. Entertain yourself here with Irish trivia, get useful travel information, and read some great, original articles about what makes Ireland’s culture so unique and so very much alive today.
Down County Museum Welcome to Down County Museum where the rich heritage of County Down is brought to life in fascinating exhibitions, lively events, hands-on activities and award winning education programmes.
Irish Football Association Official website of the Irish Football Association including online-shop and latest news about the “green & white army”
Football Association of Ireland (FAI) The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) is the governing body of football in the Republic of Ireland. Today, over 180 000 people play football in Irish football clubs and schools and many more people are involved as coaches, officials and volunteers. The role of the Association is to promote, foster and develop this activity.
Dublin Boards Everything about Dublin City
 Irelands Historical Mapping Archive Between 1829 and 1842 Ordnance Survey Ireland completed the first ever large-scale survey of an entire country. Acclaimed for their accuracy, these maps are regarded by cartographers as amongst the finest ever produced.
Irish Fireside Welcome to our Irish Fireside. On this site, our blog and our podcast, we share our tips and experience travelling in Ireland. We'll give you our insider tips for some of the Emerald Isle's most popular destinations as well as some of our finds that get you off the tourist trail and amidst the "real" Ireland.
Midwest Irish Radio OnLine  Mid West Radio was established in 1989 and is one of Ireland's most popular and best-loved local radio stations. We are now delighted to announce the introduction of a brand new Internet service called "Mid West Irish Radio" exclusively for our Internet listeners A Great collection of Photographs from NI, also available on CD
 Beamish and Crawford  Read about the history of this other company that produces the black stuff. was created for Waterford people everywhere and for people from everywhere in Waterford.  We love our city and county with a passion that cannot easily be put into words, however, we do try...
 101 Facts About Newgrange  As the name implies, there is more than enough information about Newgrange here to satisfy any budding Druid.
The following books were written by Colin Murphy and Donal O'Dea two Paddy's with little else to do but sit in pubs listening in on everyday conversations and plagiarising other peoples wit  "The book of feckin' Irish Slang that's great craic for cute hoors and bowsies. "The Book of Irish Songs yer oul fella always sang when he was jarred at a hooley". The book of deadly Irish Quotations some smart fecker in the pub is always blatherin' on about".  "The book of luvely Irish Recipes yer ma useta make when you were a little gurrier". The books were published by The O'Brien Press Dublin.  A link to the books can be found at O'Brien Press New Books
BDMonline Births Deaths & Marriages on line It was recently launched and serves to keep people informed on Births Deaths and Marriages taking place in Ireland as well as offering visitors to the site the ability to EASILY order State Birth, Death or Marriage Certificates.
Around Dublin Port and Bay Keep up with the going's on in the Port of Dublin, excellent historical articles are published as well.
Ireland European Regional Directory Just about all you wanted to know about Ireland is here.
 Irish Gaelic Translator  Look, listen and learn at this excellent site.  Hear the non Hollywood way to speak Gaelic
Father Brown Photographic Collection  A collection of pictures including the Titanic,  WW1 and his travels
Gorta Working to eliminate world hunger
Irish Baby Names Baby Names of Ireland will help you decide whether to call you new son after  the full 11 Man United players or Finbar Furey.
Irish Film and Television  The latest news from Ireland on TV and films being produced in the actors and producers tax haven.
 The National Archives of Ireland   It's all here, Irelands history good and bad.
Irish TV  A History of Irish TV. Pictures of the opening night of RTE up to the present day.
Showbiz Ireland. COM  The latest news about the show business scene in Ireland. Not a Hollywood accent to be seen.
Bogside Artists Tom Kelly, his brother William and their mutual friend Kevin Hasson are artists from N.Ireland who have been working on their murals project on The Troubles since late 1993 when the group formed. 
Road Signs in Ireland A must if you are going to drive in Ireland.
Met Éireann Irish meteorological service, check up and see if Ireland is having a typically soft day today.  This usually means it is raining.
Nixers.Com Returning to Ireland, looking for a job, or the chance of doing a few nixers!!!, then this is the site for you.
Irish South African Association  From the four proud provinces of Ireland", South Africa today has the fifth largest community of Irish extraction outside of Ireland.  Their words not mine.
NIPRA Irish Ghosts and Legends
Amnesty International Irish Section
Hutt Valley Irish Society  Kiwi's of Irish decent display their true colours
Bailup Let the truth be known  The real story of the Kelly Clan, not the Hollywood version.
Irish Republican Murals N.I  Paint not petrol is the theme of this site.
National safety Council of Ireland  The National Safety Council promotes Road Safety and Fire Safety in Ireland. The NSC implements education programmes, media campaigns and community activities to influence public attitude and behaviour in relation to Road and Fire Safety issues.
History and Museums of Mayo Travelling to Mayo?  Visit this site for the latest and not so latest news.
Irish Ships A History of Irish shipping, even photographs of the black stuff being carted down the Liffey 
Cyndi's List of North and South.  The list to end all arguments.  This is the biggest.
Irish Marine Institute Excellent source of information for all those boat people attempting to get into Ireland.
Irish Ships Passenger Lists Did your Mother come from Ireland, well maybe her name is on these list of migrants.
Legal Island The Irish legal system all laid out for you North and South of the border 
Island Ireland  It's all here all you wanted to know about Ireland and a little bit more
Military Heritage Tours  Organised tours of Ireland's battlefields and military heritage. A must if you plan on joining the locals for a pint.  Forewarned is forearmed.   Looking or an old mate or maybe an old flame.  Schoolfriends allows you to search for your old school and even by student names. 
  Ned Kelly IronOutlaw  Edward Ned Kelly born of Irish parents, folk hero, became one of the unsuspecting fathers of Australian nationalism and with each passing year his myth grows stronger.
The Irish in Sydney. Welcome to Irish in Sydney. Looking for the low down on what's hot and what's not in Sydney? Then you've come to the right place.
Australian Embassy Dublin   Thinking of coming to Australia, this site will tell you about the sharks, spiders and other nice things that await you over here.  Only the adventurous need apply
Heritage Ireland  News, Bulletin board, upcoming events and Publications about Ireland
Scouting Ireland  As an old scout , 20th Rathmines, this site reminds me of the sunny days spent in Larch Hill
Fuse  An Irish music magazine with a twist
RTE Interactive News  Internet News Service
 Irish Culture and Customs   A wealth of information awaits the browser at this site, customs, folklore, literature and much more.
Irish Names Looking for a first name with a wee link to Ireland, this is the place to visit.
Dublin City Traffic  See Dublin stop and go with Dublin Corporation's many cameras, as many as 60 will be installed.
Nidex - The Northern Ireland Index  Welcome to Nidex, where we want to promote Northern Ireland to the world.
Pat O'Reilly's 2000 Years of Irish Music  1. AD Despite being occupied by the Romans, the English invade Ireland and steal all the indigenous music
Live Views and Panoramic Tours  Have a dizzy spell looking at   Glendalough, Giant's Causeway and more.
HomeLink International Ireland  If you're mad enough to loan your house to strangers, this site is as good as any.
Irish Space Agency Announcement  The Dáil (Irish Parliament) committee on Value-for-Money in Government overnight, in another effort to reduce Government spending, passed a resolution today to downsize the solar system.
The Holy Order of the Lemon The Order was officially founded by a ritual action carried out at the weirs above Islandbridge at the Irish War Memorial Park - which we infused with the spirit of peace: - at high tide on the Autumn equinox, lemons & yellow flowers were strewn upon the waters of the Liffey (a highly Joycean act) & thus floated out through Dublin to sea with the tide.
Kompass, the Irish Business search engine. During October 2000 will join forces with 70 other countries worldwide to provide you with a unique new search engine
Irish Seal Sanctuary  The Irish Seal Sanctuary is a professionally run Wildlife Hospital, Rescue and Rehabilitation Facility. We are a registered charity and to date have received no State or Government grant or funding. It is sustained entirely by voluntary effort and financed by donations from the public and grant bodies.
Adopted Peoples Association  Irish adoption contact register
O'Byrne Files on Dubliners  Characters by Tom Matthew's, brings back the memories
Clans    Clan Finder,   Genealogy, Celtic links.
Bray Forum  Here's a discussion forum from the town with the best fish & chips and slot machines.
CAIN Project  The CAIN web site provides a wide range of information and source material on 'the Troubles' in Northern Ireland from 1968 to the present.
Dublin in Bits .. A site containing hundreds of pictures of bits of Dublin
Dubliners Who Made it   A tongue in cheek look at famous lads of Today and Yesterday.
Eircom    Looking to telephone Ireland and forgot the number, search for personal & business numbers.
Steve Saunder's Honda Goldwing motorcycle club, this is Ireland's first independent Goldwing related site.
A Live View     See the happenings on O'Connell  Bridge , images updated every 30secs.
Dublin Zoo  Thunder & lightening is no lark when Dublin city is in the dark.  If you have any money go up to the park and view the Zoological gardens.
Mystery of Aer Lingus Flight 712   Up to date news on the new inquiry of the 1968 Tuskar Rock air disaster
Everyday English and Slang    Ever wanted to know what was been said in "The Commitments"
Come In/Tar Isteach  Believe it or not a free translation service Gaelic/English or English/Gaelic, get it whilst it's free
Gardiner St a Live View   Another live view of the Jewel, "warra are yew lookin at fella"
GhostWatch Live Cam from an old linen mill in Belfast. Can you see the ghost of Helena Blunden
Glasnevin Cemetery ... Map, History, Tour Info, even a form for booking in or searching for a bod.
Interactive Geography Quiz  From the Pupils of St Cronan's School
Irish VoiceBank  Ever wanted a genuine   voice for your sound over, visit here, no Hollywood accents.
Irish Pharmacy Website  Travelling to Ireland, check out the pollen count, the latest sunburn treatment!!!! and more.
Missing Irish People:  From Springfield parish in Dublin a site dedicated to finding Irish people who have disappeared from Ireland, well worth a look.  Maybe you could help locate someone
National Gallery of Ireland  This site boasts the odd print or two from some of the Masters of the canvas
Paddy Power  Fancy a bet with Ireland's biggest bookmaker.
Lucky Murphy's Welcome to Lucky Murphy's sports book, lay a bet on two flies crawling up a wall
Phrases that drive me NUTS     Phrases that have crept into use that may not be Oirish at all.
PenPals "CARA"  
RTE On Line  Radio Éireann, 24 Hour live broadcast, Live News Service, Bull Island   or FTP Transfer.
The Saint Patrick Centre  Did he really banish the snakes or was it just another Vatican smoke screen.
Slang   A site with a colourful turn of phrase.
The Slanguage of Northern Ireland.   You thought the Dub's had a strange tongue, check this lot out.
Quotes Famous  quotes from Brendan Behan, James Joyce, Patrick Kavanagh and many more besides
Humour Ring.  looking for a few more humorous sites, this is the Ring for you.
Weather in Ireland Check this site to see if it's lashing rain, raining softly, or threatening to rain.
Wildwatch  The official Web Site of the Irish Wild Life Trust
Ireland Information

Visit this site for free Celtic, clipart, literature, fonts, family crests and lashings more free stuff.

Free Downloads

Emerald Ring   Visit the Emerald Ring, a collection of Irish sites around the Web.
All about me
Links To Some Humorous  Sites on the other side of the Irish sea.
Glaswegian Dialect   "Sower-Err", "Away an' boil yir heid" find the meaning to these and other words of wisdom.
Men in Kilts  It's either clever graphic manipulation or them Scotties have bearings for balls
London Slang Rhyming slang, estuary English, sayings to warm the cockles of your eart.
Welsh Jokes I'm sure you'll find a song in there somewhere
My background

Henry Kirwan is my name, an ex pat  from Dublin.

Living in Dargan, on the western side of the Blue Mountains.   Arrived in Australia 1972, here ever since!.  Retired and loving every minute of it.

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Henry Kirwan Penrith NSW Australia
I currently have another site containing Political Posters and Cartoons from WW1 , feel free to visit and comment.