This Web site consists of my blog, genealogical data, and published articles about the uses of FileMaker Pro. It also includes other items which are of special interest.

FileMaker Pro Articles

The articles were originally published in MACinations, the monthly magazine of Club Mac Inc., a Macintosh user group based in Sydney, Australia. Some of the articles were reprinted in VMUG News, the magazine of the Victorian Macintosh Users Group (now called iMUG) based in Melbourne, Australia, and also in AppleSauce, the magazine of the South Australian Apple Users Club based in Adelaide, South Australia. Raymond Yu, a Filemaker guru, has referred to them as "an excellent series of articles".

Other Interests

If you happen to be fascinated with meteorology and the weather (as I am, having been a General Aviation pilot), check out the satellite image of the current weather in the Australasian region. To understand the image better, you can download a PDF file which explains how to interpret the image, and which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. You may even care to see what the world looks like at night from space!

If you have an interest in aircraft safety, you may wish to check out the latest investigations of accidents and serious incidents published by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

At some time in our lives, we all need to have documents witnessed, or to make affidavits, statutory declarations, and the like. Check out the free services of Justices of the Peace in my home State.

On the matter of dying with dignity, I watched my father die without it. He had a terminal illness, and the palliative care he received turned him into a zombie! All he wished for was the ability to “press a button” and terminate the indignities. He had been a strong supporter of voluntary euthanasia, and I am likewise.