Xylophone, Metallophone, Marimba and Vibraphone Parts and Accessories

I am able to provide a range of tuned percussion accessories, which include mallets, various rubber components, pins used for locating bars on tuned percussion, bars (notes) for any tuned percussion instrument, etc. If you are wanting to carry out your own repairs, I can help with the required parts.

I also supply some specific replacement parts, i.e for Premier Vibraphones, Premier drums, Suzuki xylophone pins etc. Some of these parts are listed below, some on the repairs page of this web site. If you are looking for something specific please contact me.

Concerning replacement bars for instruments. I tend to use either Honduras Rosewood or two varieties of Padauk for wooden bars, and prefer to use a 6061 T6 alloy for vibraphone bars.

I am also happy to assist anyone wishing to carry out their own repairs. With regard to Orff style classroom instruments, I have a fairly comprehensive do-it-yourself booklet available by e-mail on request. There are also a number of suggestions and tips on repairs and things to look out for in buying new instruments on the FAQ page of this site.

Tuned Percussion Mallets

I can supply a range of mallets designed for use with most classroom instruments. Mallets come in various sizes and hardness to suite various instruments. The general rule is, the higher up the range of the instrument, the harder the mallet needs to be to enable the instrument to speak. So, for example, you would want a softer and larger head on a mallet for a bass xylophone, and a smaller and harder head on a soprano xylophone. Using a hard mallet on a bass xylophone tends to bring out the higher harmonics, or, if you like, gives the sound a harder edge, and does not allow the fundamental note of the bar to sound. This might be required in specific situations, but mostly it just sounds unpleasant. A soft mallet used on a soprano xylophone or a glock just does not give much sound, and often results in the bar being bounced off the instrument. Having said this, there are times when this rule may not apply, i.e. using a soft felt mallet on a soprano metallophone can sound very nice, if a little soft.
Mallets that I manufacture are made with grey PVC handles, that can stand a reasonable amount of punishment (certainly better than wooden handles). I also provide a range of mallets sourced from elsewhere.

Glockenspiel Mallets

Percussion mallets

These mallets are mostly used for Glockenspiels.

Price $8.80 pair (GST inclusive).

Soprano Xylophone Mallets

Percussion mallets

These mallets are mostly used for Soprano Xylophones, Glockenspiels if you want a slightly softer sound than the mallets shown above, or top end of a Marimba. 25mm diameter hard rubber heads.

Price $5.50 pair (GST inclusive).

Alto Xylophone Mallets

Percussion mallets

These mallets are mostly used for Alto Xylophones, the top end of bass xylophones, or middle of the Marimba. These are Angel brand, and are softer heads with woven wool covers. Nice wooden handles.

Price $11 pair (GST inclusive).

Bass Xylophone Mallets

Percussion mallets

These mallets are mostly used for Bass Xylophones, or bottom end of a Marimba. These are made by myself, using soft coloured bouncing balls. Colours and size will vary depending on what I have available. Diameter of the heads varies between 32mm and 40mm.

Price $11 pair (GST inclusive).

Felt Mallets

Percussion mallets

These mallets have soft felt heads. Good for soft sounds on xylophones and especially metallophones.

Price $11 pair (GST inclusive).

Bass Marimba Mallets

Percussion mallets

These mallets are mostly used for Bass Marimba, the type that starts 2 octaves below middle C. These are made by myself, using 60 mm diameter soft rubber balls. Colours will vary depending on what I have available. The pen is in the photo to give an idea of size.

Price $15 pair (GST inclusive).

Triple Head Mallet

The triple head mallet shown is used for chime bars. It allows for 3 tone or chime bars to placed next to each other and played at the same time. Instant chord!
Price $5.50 each

Premier Vibraphone Damper Sockets

Please note: At this time I only have the balls shown in this photo available, having sold out of the ball housing part of the socket. Hoping to get more soon, but, knowing Premier, I'm certainly not holding my breath.

These plastic ball joint sockets are used on Premier vibraphones model 751, to connect the damper pedal to the damper bar, as shown in the photo on the repairs page of this site.

Price: $5.00 for each part, so it is $15.0 for the three parts shown here to replace one socket assembly.

Premier 751 Vibraphone motor transformer

Premier Vibraphone motor transformer.

This is the transformer part of the Premier 751 Vibraphone motor arrangement.

This is the last one of these I have. It is a used item but in perfect working condition.

If you happen to have one that seems to be not working, I suggest you read the section on premier vibraphone electrics in the Instrument maintenance and repair page. Problems with the transformer are almost always related to the exceptionally bad soldering carried out when these were assembled, which is easily fixed.

In this unit I have bypassed the switch, as it is to small to function in a 240 volt environment. At the moment this transformer is set up for 240 volt operation. To change it to 110 volt operation is a simple matter of re connecting the primary windings, as it is a dual primary transformer, although there is not much point in doings this as you would be inputting 110 volts for 110 volt output, though it does add in a safety factor by incorporating a fuse and having the setup magnetically coupled to the mains. I have removed the switch as in my opinion it is to small to be used in 240 volt applications.

I have sold a number of genuine Premier motor components for the 751 vibe and have had to repair a number of transformer and speed controllers (all of them new from the manufacturer), as the soldering and electrical connections are atrocious. The actual components are great. Motors are great (not made by Premier), but who ever wired them up together? I have provided wiring details of the transformer on my Instrument maintenance and repair page, for anyone wanting to sort out issues arising with their Premier motor setup.

Price: $100.

Premier 751 Vibraphone speed control

Premier 751 Vibraphone Speed Controller

This is the speed control part of the Premier 751 Vibraphone motor arrangement. It is a used item, but in perfect condition.

I have tested this unit and it works perfectly. I have checked the internal solder connections and they seem to be ok.

This is the last one I have available.

Price: $100

Premier Vibraphone belt

Premier Vibraphone motor belt

As used on Premier Vibraphone model 751.
I have been very kindly informed by Dave in the UK that from 1979 onwards both the 751 and 701 models used the same belt, which uses the 1358 accessory pack.

From 1961 to 1979 the 701 used belt no. 729.

From 1958 to 1963 the 750 model used belt 731.

From 1963 to 1979 the 751 model used belts 729, 741.

The belt that I make here in Australia fits the model I see in Australia, that uses the motor shown below, and is the single belt system. Measurements are 5 7/8' x 6 1/8' x 1. In Australia, when this was available as an "o" ring, the Part no. was BS7257.

I have sent this belt to a few people around the world and it seems to have solved the problem, but having just learned that there are variations, it might be worthwhile checking dates etc.

Price: $3

Part 751-200 Premier Vibraphone Motor Part 751-200 Premier Vibraphone Motor

Premier Vibraphone motor.

I have 2 of these. 1 is brand new. The second one has had many years of use, and does not seem to like running at full speed anymore. The gearbox part is fine, but I suspect the motor needs a rewind. Good for parts or for someone who wants to rewind it.

This is the US made Bodine motor, type KCI-23A2. This model motor was used until around 1980, and then replaced by a Cintenco motor. It is still available form the manufacturers in the US, but if you feel this one is expensive just make sure you are seated when you get a price on one from Bodine.

New one is $200

Old one is $50.

Part no.0774 Premier Vibraphone Tension Spring

Premier vibraphone and xylophone chord tension spring. This is part no. 0774, used to provide tension on the chord that goes through the bars and holds the bars in place.

Price: $5.00 pair.

Premier Part no. SP0750-044

Premier part no. SP0750-044. Is the Vibraphone leaf spring component for locking to the damper bolts/pins

Price: $6.90 each.

Premier vibraphone castors

Premier Vibraphone Castors. Does your premier vibe need new wheels?

Price: $80.

Saito Vibraphone Peg Rubber Saito Vibraphone Peg Rubber

Saito Vibraphone and Xylophone Peg Rubber. These are the rubber parts shown on the repairs page, for Saito Vibraphones and Xylophones.

Price: $1.50 each.

Premier Vibraphone Part no.SP0751-126CA

Premier Vibraphone Part no.SP0751-126CA. This is a clamp that attaches the left hand end of the inner resonator tubes and both ends of the outer (the sharps and flats) resonators to the frame. There are 3 per vibraphone.

Price: $4 each.

Part no.701-52

Plastic foot or end fitting for a Premier instrument I am not aware of as yet. Part no. 701-52.

Price: $3.50 each.

Premier Drum Parts

The following lists a number of Premeir drum parts that were imported to Australia years ago when Premier actually supplied parts for their instruments.

I also have a number of original Premeir drum heads. Go to the Drum page on this site.

Hi Tension Lug Nut part No. 700-21

Premier high tension lug nut. Part no 700-21.

Price: $1.00 each.

Part no.0897 Carrying Bar

Part No. 0897, Carrying bar.

Price: $10.00 each.

HTS Long Suspension Tube. Part No. 9934

Premier HTS long suspension tube. Part no 9934.

Price: $20.00 pair.

Premier Part No. SP0835-009

Premier Part No. SP0835-009. Don't know what its for but hopefully someone needs one?

Price: $10.00.

Premier Part No. SP0200-15

Premier Part No. SP0200-15. Looks like a rubber grommet. Again maybe someone can tell me what it is for?

Price: $1.00 each.

Premier Carry Ring. Part No. 901CA

Premier Carry Ring. Part No. 901CA.

Price: $10.00.

Premier Accessory Part no.SP0835-026CA

Premier Accessory Part no.SP0835-026CA. I know it's a Premier accessory of some sort, because of the label, and I'm sure whoever needs it will recognise it.

Price: $15.00.

Premier Drum Lug part no. SP3922-Q2S

Premier drum lug, part no SP3922-Q2S.

Price: $10.00.

Premier Snare Tensioner

Premier snare tensioner. No part number available.

Price: $30.00.

Premier Drum Lug Inserts

Premier drum lug inserts.

Price: $1.00 each.

Premier Drum Lug Inserts part no.SP0828-371

Premier drum lug inserts. Part no.SP0828-371.

Price: $1.00 each.

Premier Part no. sp0040-025

Premier part no. sp0040-025. This is a marching drum hook for drum harness.

Price: $10.00.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0125-024

Premier drum Part no.SP0828-371.

Price: $10.00 each.

Premier Part no. Sp0182-023

Premier part no. SP0182-023. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 155 mm long (6 inches) Price: $7.00 each.(pictured)

Premier part no. SP0181-023. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 145 mm long (5.5 inches) Price: $6.00 each

Premier part no. SP0179-023. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 125 mm long (5 inches) Price: $5.00 each.

Premier part no. 9099. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 95 mm long (3.75 inches) Price: $3.00 each

Premier part no. 260. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 40 mm long (1.5 inches) Price: $3.00 each

Premier part no. SP5026. Premier Drum tensioning bolt. 12 mm long (0.5 inches) Price: $1.50 each.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0200-00SCA

Premier drum tensioning bolt. Part no.SP0828-371.

Price: $7.50 each.

Premier Part no. SP0200-045SCA

Premier part no. SP0200-045SCA.

Price: $50.00.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0200-044

Premier drum Part no.SP0200-044L and SP0200-044R.

Price: $11.50 pair.

Premier Part no. SP0600-016L

Premier part no. SP0600-016L.

Price: $5.00 each.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0751-126CA-2

Premier Part no.SP0751-126CA-2

Price: $4 each.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0835-007

Premier drum Part no.SP0835-007

Price: $9 each.

Premier Part no. SP0835-026CA

Premier part no. SP0835-026CA.

Price: $6.00 each.

Premier Drum Part no.SP1468-00Z

Premier drum Part no.SP1468-00Z

Price: $0.50 each.

Premier Drum Part no.SP0200-012

Premier drum Part no.SP0200-012

Price: $1.00 each.